Some of the things I do.


I have provided black & white illustration (pen & ink) for companies such as FASA, Mayfair, Marvel, DC, and Valiant Comics.

Digital Painting

My digital paintings have appeared on magazine covers, websites, games, and book covers. My style is realistic, but adaptable to any project.

Graphic Design

I have done graphic design work for major media companies like Apple & Reprise Records, as well as political campaigns, ecommerce websites, and much more. Everything from books and graphic novels to record covers.

Character Design

I have supplies character designs for everything from superheroes and science fiction stories, to action figures and more.


Past projects include illustration, design, multimedia, and/or writing for comics, games, trading cards. Past clients have included:
Valiant Comics
Milestone (comics)
Pinnacle (Deadlands)
Marvel Comics
Mayfair Games
Game Designer's Workshop
Steve Jackson Games
Arctos Media
King Features

About Cliff

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