My name is

Clifford VanMeter

Digital Marketing & Advertising Professional


Some Things About Me

I'm always looking for a new problem to solve, so if you've got a doozy you need a hand with, feel free to contact me

For the last decade or so I have worked as a marketing manager in automotive, an independent consultant, a trainer, and a designer/developer on projects for many companies -- including Warner/Reprise Records, Apple, Ford, HoMedics and Automobile Magazine.

My company Arctos Media, provides web and marketing consultation, technical support, training, publishing, and e-commerce solutions. We specialize in developing and maintaining Wordpress sites for small business. My clients there include breweries, lawyers,

Cliff Notes:

  1. • I served as a US Marine Corps Military Policeman.
  2. • I graduated from Lambuth University with a BFA and a minor in Philosophy.
  3. • I have two different colored eyes.
  4. • For my 50th birthday, I went skydiving and I've been several times since.
  5. • I was a professional illustrator and comic book artist.


Cliff is a walking swiss army knife. There isn't much he doesn't know or know how to do. He is a learner indeed. When you couple this with his terrific communication skills and reliability, you have a winning combo. This can be summed up by quoting the popular two word phrase heard around the Maestro office...."ask Cliff."
Josh Little | Founder and Chief Qwizard at Qzzr
I am happy to endorse the work I've seen from Clifford in the last several years. He is very skilled in dealing with new media, particularly video production and web video. He is creative, responsive and follows through with ideas and work product.
Glenn Bulycz | Social Media Marketing at Apple, Inc.

What I Do

  • Content Marketing

    I create, curate and syndicate content for small and medium business websites. Keeping the sites fresh and search engine optimized.
  • Branding

    I understand how to identify and target your customers, online and offline, I use my experience and skills to geographically and demographically target your customers to ensure you're talking to the right people.
  • Graphic design

    I am a graphic designer and illustrator with more than 20-years experience. I work hard at staying current with the latest design and technology trends to ensure I can best put my experience to use for you.
  • Web Development

    I am right brained/left brained. A designer who codes (or a coder who designs). This gives me a unique perspective on how best to communicate with your audience.



Google Certified Adwords Expert


I recently took the required tests to become a Google Certified Adwords Expert.

Video Advertising Expert


Google now offers an online video expert certification. I recently passed the exams required for that as well.


    PhotoShop 99%

    Web Design/Development 80%

    Social Media 85%

    Content Marketing 90%



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