Here Are the Top 10 Writing Mistakes of 2016

Seriously, commas are the bane of my existence. I’ve been guilty of verbing a time or two, too. Don’t even get me started on wont vs. won’t. —- Of the three billion or so people on Earth who enjoy web access, roughly half speak – and write – mainly…

All right, you, break it up: Dialogue and reactions

I struggle with this. Coming from writing comic book scripts to writing novels, the structure of good dialogue was one of the first hurdles I needed to overcome. —- I haven’t found anything in any of my usage or grammar texts about this particular topic. I suspect it’s because the issue is one more of […]

The State of Writing 2016

Writings on writing. Some god stuff in there. —- The first sentence can’t be written until the final sentence is written. — Joyce Carol Oates With 2016 coming to…

This Chart Shows How Computer Literate Most People Are

Green has always been my favorite color. 5%, huh? To be honest, having worked a help desk, that seems high. —- If you’ve ever gotten the impression that most people aren’t as skilled with computers as you are, you finally have some data to back it up. The above chart shows the distribution of tech […]

All the Coffee Words

Coffee has it’s own language. —- At your local coffee shop, do you ever see words that you don’t understand? For instance, what is java? Why is a cup of coffee…

We went in search of the world’s hardest language – The Economist

I’ve been working a lot on languages lately since I discovered #conlanging. The next Orion the Hunter book features a lot more of the tir’a languages since it takes place on the tir’a homeworld. I’ve been working on a laxicon, as well as titles, and government structure so it’s all consistent and it fits the […]