5 Surprising Facts About Swearing

I’m sure many of you have been swearing in teh last few days. I know I have. Hell, I was raised in a household where cuss words were used like punctuation! —- A new book by cognitive psychologist Benjamin K. Bergen delves into the profane side of language to reveal a host of interesting and […]

Book Marketing: How To Use Short Stories To Promote Novels

Does the idea of book marketing make you wince? You’re working on a novel, or you’ve just completed one. Everyone who’s read it tells you that they love your book. You need to get it into the hands of as many readers as possible, but the idea of selling yourself makes you wince.

10-years a Muggle

I’ve been too long a muggle. This is a realization that hit home hard yesterday when I was at the Grand Rapids Comicon. For most of the last 10-years I’ve been making a living working as a web designer, marketing manager — even doing some writing for technology magazines and writing a three books; one on […]

Writers Should Read… and Review

I recently read Stephen King’s book on writing called, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. In this, he specifically advises that writers should read. So I have been. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve completed three books. Two by George C. Chesbro and one by Isaac Asimov. All were mysteries of one sort or another.

How I write

For years now, I’ve been writing using a structure called pre-write, free-write and rewrite. I don’t remember exactly where I learned it, but over the years it has served me well. I find that it’s applicable to pretty much any format; scripts, fiction or non-fiction. It goes like this: Pre-write: I collect my thoughts on […]

Clifford the Big Read Blog

Despite the name of this blog, I have to tell you, I really hate that damn dog. You would too if you’d been a tall, chubby, red-headed kid named Clifford. Although I do have to say, that dog is probably directly responsible for my becoming a Military Policeman. After cracking heads through elementary and middle […]