The Bottom Of The Barrel: The 10 Worst-Ranked Books On Amazon

I’m curious about what makes a book bad, Really bad. Not just meh. Is it the plot, the characters, the dialogue, or the premise? I’ve read really bad books and sometimes I think these are more helpful as a writer than writing really oos books. What do you think? What makes a book really bad? […]

12 Tips For Getting Feedback On Your Writing

Good advice on geting and listening to feedback. —- So. You’ve written a thing, and now you want to know if that thing is any good. First of all, congratulations! Writing is impossible, and the fact that you’ve finished/half finished/started a draft…

5 Ways to Start a Story (with Examples) | Now Novel

I like to start my stories in the middle, then explain what the Hell happened as I go. What about you? How do you kick off a story? —- There are many ways to start a story, from introducing a bold first person narrator to opening stories with action. Read examples of strong beginnings.

The 10,000-hour rule is wrong and perpetuates a cruel myth

The truth is no amount of practice can make you an artist or musician without aptitude. Buying a copy of Photoshop doesn’t make you a designer and because most people can’t recognize the difference between good and bad art or design, everybody thinks they can do it. Nature or nurture… well it’s both. While I […]

Is This The Worst Book Ever?

Moon Peopple — huh? You know I read this and part of my brain says, “Good God this is aweful,” but another part of my brain says, “I wonder if my stuff sounds like that when other people read it.” How is it possible to be as arrogant as I am, and so insecure at […]