9 Tools That Will Help You Become a Better Writer – Product Hunt

I’m a devoted user of Grammarly. It does have some flaws, but overall, I think it helps more than it hurts. I actually a terrible typist, so having something that watches my back as I type is a great help. —- If one of your goals for 2017 is to become a better or more […]

Referencing Referents

I know I’m guilty of this. I like to have a week or so after I finish a piece before I reread it. It helps me catch a lot of those confused pronouns. Since I forget what the Hell I was talking abut originally. —- Or: How to Point Your Pronoun to the Right Word […]

Bear With Me or Bare With Me?

Homophones for fun and profit. —- The Internet is full of mistaken uses of homophones in expressions such as bear with me and bare with me. Bare with me doesn’t…

A Comic Book Lover’s Guide to Going Digital

Time to go digital, once and for all. —- Whether you’ve been a diehard comic book fan for years or you just want to see what they’re all about, you may find reading them digitally a better experience than on paper. Here’s how to get started…

The Periodic Table of Beers | Sunglass Warehouse

Ah, science! One of the few things I actually like about living in Kalamazoo is the abundance of beers found here. You can’t sling a cat by the tail and not hit a brewing company. Course, once you’ve done that, you’ll likely need some alcohol both internal and external. —- We mapped the best beers […]