How to Draw and Render Realistic Fur With Pencils and Charcoal

I really love process tutorials like this one. —- What You’ll Be CreatingIt is hard to find anyone who doesn’t have an affection for an animal of one type or another, but more often than not people will fall for the cutest, most furriest animals…

How to Draw Fur

I do some wildlife art, as well as my genre artwork. Good tutorial on layers for realistic fur with traditional media. —- What You’ll Be CreatingDrawing fur from imagination can be very frustrating. You’ve seen it, you know what it is, but when you try drawing it, you end up with a bunch of straw. If […]

How to Create a Self-Portrait in a Geometric Style

Nice tutorial for creating a very different kind of digital portrait. —- In this tutorial we’re going to talk about how to create an illustrated self-portrait in a geometric style. We’ll be using a photograph of ourselves as the base of the illustration, drawing a…

Cicatrix — Word of the Day

Cicatrix – The scar left by an old wound. In my Spiral Arm Stories, I talk a lot about scars. My central character Orion has a scar right down the side of his face. That visible scar represents the deeper emotional and phycological scars he carries. Like him, I carry a lot of scars. I […]

Quick Tip: Create Dynamic Poses Using Gesture Drawing

Gestural drawings are great warm-ups. —- What You’ll Be CreatingCharacters looking stiff? Illustrations repeating the same old poses? Animation looking boring? Fret not, I have a cure! Dynamic gesture drawing is a great way to really…

How To Create a Realistic Pencil Sketch Effect in Photoshop

One of the best Photoshop tutorials I’ve seen for making a photo look like a drawing. —- One of the classic Photoshop tutorial topics is the creation of a pencil drawing effect from a photograph. It’s one of those quick and simple techniques that produces a satisfying result, which makes…

Top 10 Life Drawing Tips

I know of a lot of professionals, even people who’ve been working as artists for years, who go back and take life drawing to hone their skills. ABC — always be creating! —- These top 10 life drawing tips are designed to help you draw what you see (the figure) quickly and accurately. The goal […]

The Mind of an Octopus

I for one will welcome my octopoid overlords. —- Eight smart limbs plus a big brain add up to a weird and wondrous kind of intelligence

The Internet has reversed the assumption that justified copyright

Is copyright just wrong? As a content creator, I’d like to think I own what I produce, but what good is ti till I share it? —- The “modern” copyright – really just a continuation of censorship – was justified by publishing being orders of magnitude more expensive than authoring.