Augmented Project

After the Doll Rebellion more than a century earlier, cybernetic and genetic engineering research had ground to a virtual halt. The physiological advantages of the tir’a and desperation of the Humanists lead to a resurgence in those areas, and within two years terrachian scientists had produced the first vat babies, augmented human clones with cybernetic implants.

Avenger of Blood

The tir’a are descended from a species of arboreal predator.Violence is hard-coded into their DNA. As their civilization developed they struggle to find a way to channel and control these instincts. One of those was in the way their religion and their ideas of justice developed.

Bureau of Exploration and Reconnaissance

Bureau of Exploration and Reconnaissance (or BEaR for short) is and important department in the Federation. It is a combination of various terrachian space exploration agencies (like CNSA, ESA and NASA) and tir’a science organizations.

Ceres Station

Ceres Station is built on miles tall pylons driven through the ice layer and anchored to the rocky inner core of the dwarf planet known as One-Ceres located in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter in the Terran system. The station does gather a trickle of solar power from huge collectors that dot the surface, but […]


The chrysanth are a primitive reptilian race  with a stone-age level of technology and a tribal civilization.

Conlin O’Donal

Detective Constable Conlin O’Donal is an evidence analyst assigned to the Van Allen Precinct on Ceres Station. He is a computer wizard with mild (level 2) cyberpathy. While he can’t control computers, he has a certain affinity, like a magic touch, when using them.


The crikatta are an insectoid race, one of the four species that had FTL capabilities prior to the great war; including the tir’a the terrachians, and the komouch. They are also founding members of the Orion Federation. Despite having faster than light capabilities, they did little with it. Crikatta lack the natural inquisitiveness to be explorers. A crikatta judge holds […]


A form of empathic or telepathic control or understanding of computer systems. There are no known cyberpaths among any of the non-human races except the vaque. Like telepaths, humans rank cyberpaths according to their abilities.

Doll Rebellion

The human brain has in the range of 100 billion neurons (between 1011 and 1015). In the 22nd century, scientists developed a quantum Artificial Intelligence system with more than 100 billion nodes.  SCS (for system-wide control system) became the first fully sentient artificial life form. A gender neutral being, SCS popularized the gender neutral pronouns hu (he/she – him/her) […]


The Orion Federation (or in the tir’a common language, “Ck Yul Gly Nuvo,’ which roughly translates to The Spiral Arm Tribe or Clan), is named for the Orion Spiral Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, where both the terrachian and tir’a spheres of influence lie. The Federation was the result of devastating hostilities between these […]