cliffOut of high school, I joined the US Marines and served just post Viet Nam as a Military Policeman. Nothing in my life has touched me or changed me as much as those four years learning about honor and discipline.

After my service, Uncle Sugar was nice enough to subsidize four years of university and a BFA. Even while still in college I began my career as an illustrator working primarily in the role-playing game field. My early work included the Star Trek and Dr. Who role-playing games for FASA, and lead to a long run on titles like Battle-Tech, the DC Universe Role Playing Game, Chill, Traveller and much more.

Later I founded Starchilde Studios where I created, wrote and published the game Justifiers RPG. Moving to New York to pursue work in comics, I wrote and drew for Valiant Comics at the height of their popularity. Additional work came my way from Marvel, Milestone/DC Comics, and Image. After leaving Valiant, I started Comicolor, one of the first digital coloring and lettering companies for comic books in North America.

I currently live and work in Kalamazoo, Michigan with my wife Betsy and a dog named Charlie. I have four grown children; Donald, Erin, Caitlin, and Rose and two grandchildren.

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