Selling Shovels

Admittedly there were a few prospectors who struck it rich in the California Gold Rush of 1849. Most of the people who really got rich weren't out there shoveling rocks 18 hours a day or panning in frozen streams. They were selling the pans, the picks, and shovels (often at exorbitant prices) to the idiots who were. I often feel the... Continue Reading →

New Five-Star Review for The Spiral Arm Stories – Season One

Ray Simmons of Readers Favorite just posted a five-star review for Orion the Huter: The Spiral Arm Stories Season One. I'm over the moon! I love futuristic science fiction. I like action-oriented tales that take place within a well thought out and detailed future. That is one reason I loved Orion The Hunter: The Spiral Arm... Continue Reading →