The Orion the Hunter series takes place hundreds of years in mankind’s future, in a time just after a great interplanetary war. The Federation is in its infancy, a product of the fragile peace that came out of the bloodshed and barbarism of the decade previous. Orion is among an elite force tasked with hunting criminals between worlds and bringing to justice the smugglers, black-marketeers, and other war criminals still running wild on the fringe worlds. Scarred and deeply flawed, Orion is a product of the war, growing to manhood in the filth and degradation of an internment camp. His alien family casualties of the war. His human family unknown.

Orion the Hunter: Season One — $3.99

Orion the Hunter by Clifford VanMeter
Orion the Hunter: Season One
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A compilation of several of the short stories listed below.

  • Why the Weirwan, Whiteout, Danni & The Pirates, Into the woods, and Scars

Orion’s adventures take him across many worlds and put him face to face with the worst of humanity and its alien allies. The wounds of war are still seeping, the racism and bigotry are still raw, but Orion is one of the beacons of hope despite his personal darkness. The stories are post-dystopian, set in a Federation determined to make its neighborhood, the Orion Spiral Arm, a better place.

Why the Weirwan:
Orion the Hunter Book One — 99¢

Why the Weirwan
Why the Weirwan

Buy Now on Amazon for KindleGeos Ah’rion Rassas rel Pen’atha, a half-breed man-hunter and Federation marshal, known among humans as Orion.

In his debut, Orion and his partner Danni are suddenly called away from transporting an important prisoner to investigate a bizarre murder on a remote Federation outpost. Mystery mixes with space opera in this engaging tale.

Orion the Hunter Book Two — $1.99

Orion the Hunter Book 2 by Clifford VanMeter

Buy Now on Amazon for KindleFrom the Chronicles of Messu Sa’dish, Historian to Va’namir VII Emperor of the Tir’a People – A single kind word can warm the long winter months.

A deadly cocktail served ice cold. After crash-landing on a nearly deserted ice world, Orion must pursue three deadly criminals, survive the sub-arctic cold and care for his injured partner.

Danni & the Pirates:
Orion the Hunter Book Three — $1.99

Orion the Hunter Book 3 by Clifford VanMeter
Danni & the Pirates

Buy Now on Amazon for KindlePursuing one of the most wanted war criminals in the Federation, Danni and Orion separate. Danni soon finds herself in a struggle to survive trapped on a hijacked starship.

The odds against her, Danni must go to desperate lengths to survive. without her partner… with no backup at all… Danni must prove her true mettle, or face the end.

Into the Woods:
Book Four of Orion the Hunter — $1.99

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Orion the Hunter Book 4 by Clifford VanMeter
Into the Woods

While Danni struggles to survive on her own, Orion pursues his deadly game in the dense forests of a colony controlled by religious fanatics. Grabbing his prey, and making his way through the woods, the marshal is pursued by its deadly denizens and the fanatics to the point of exhaustion. When the hunter becomes the hunter, with no help and no backup, can even his alien senses and strength sustain him?

Scars: Book Five of Orion the Hunter — $1.99

Orion the Hunter Book 5 by Clifford VanMeter

Buy Now on Amazon for KindleOrion and Danni are reunited on Midway, the capital of the Federation. Even as Enoch Ranier goes on trial for his despicable war-crimes, Orion and a key witness are targeted by a fanatical religious militia known as the Red Flower. With turncoats and traitors on all sides, Danni and Orion must rely on the only two people they can be sure of… each other.

Vengeance is a Wheel:
Orion the Hunter Book Six — $3.99

Orion the Hunter Book 6 by Clifford VanMeter
Vengeance is a Wheel
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A Full-Length Novel featuring Orion the Hunter in a solo adventure. Orion returns to the world of his birth to fulfill an oath. An oath he made as he grew into manhood in the internment camps of the great war. An oath sworn on the blood of a dead family. An oath that may leave his homeworld a blasted dead husk by the time he is done.